Horseback Riding

What better way to get around than astride one of our trusty steeds? Just kidding! They aren't really steeds, however our horses are sure-footed and anyone from beginners to experts will enjoy a leisurely ride. We recommend that you try to get in at least one good ride before leaving Belize, because there is really no better way to enjoy the Cayo country-side. 

Horseback Riding Around The Lodge

Belize Botanic Gardens

If you are with small kids or not really sure if you and horses were made to be friends, you may want to try an hour's ride around the Botanical Gardens. Check out some plants and slowly learn to pry your fingers off the saddle horn. If you enjoy this you may want try something more challenging later!

Sweet Songs Trails

If you just want to do some casual sightseeing from the back of a horse book book a leisurely ride along some of the trails around BBG and the lodge. Valley View is a popular destination for short rides. These same trails are also great for birding and hiking.

Horseback Riding Tours

Xunantunich RUIN

Take in the scenic Cayo countryside as you ride to the Mayan village of Succotz, cross the Mopan River on a hand-cranked ferry and then ride onward and upward the last mile to the Maya Archaeological site of Xunantunich. After a guided tour of the site, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, before returning to the lodge on your horse or by road.

Departure: 8am
Riding time: 2 to 2.5 hours, each way

Flour Camp Cave

Because of the cave's remoteness, few places offer tours to Flour Camp, and as a result it is a very peaceful spot. Inside the cave you will see Maya pottery pieces (shards) and impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. Flour Camp Cave is close to the Macal River so you can enjoy a refreshing swim after your cave exploration. Horseback is just one of the ways you can experience this cave! 

Departure: 8:00am
Riding time: 1.5 hours, each way

Horseback Riding with Canoeing or Tubing

Ride through field and forest to Negro Man Farm and then tube or canoe downstream to Sweet Songs. When you arrive at the farm, just hop into your canoe or onto your tube and float your way back downstream to Sweet Songs.

Departure: 8:00am
Riding time: 1.5 hours, Canoeing or tubing: 2-2.5 hours.

Butterfly Farm and Natural History Center on Horseback

Right next-door (two miles away), Chaa Creek has a natural history museum to teach you about geology, nature, archaeology and the history of Belize. This is followed by a tour of their butterfly farm. Although this butterfly farm has only one species it is the spectacular Blue Morpho, a large electric blue butterfly (surprise: it's not really blue, but we'll let them explain this scientific fact). This is a nice destination for a half-day ride by road.

Departure: 9am or 1pm
Riding time: 45 minutes, each way