Hiking in Cayo

Hiking Around The Lodge

The best hiking in Belize is in the Cayo district and Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge offers you some great hiking experiences, whether guided or on your own. There is a trail for everyone, from short and easy ones in the Gardens to longer ones, including Xunantunich, a Maya archaeological site. If you like, take along one of our professionally trained and licensed naturalist guides. All are local Belizeans who possess a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge of past and present Belize.

Mai Loop

For a short walk anytime, check out this nature trail, located right under the Bird Deck and accessed from stairs leading down to Sweet Songs' beach. The looping trail is rocky and on the steep side. There are a number of ground birds that inhabit this area and it's common to spot an agouti or fox or other small animals. Takes about 20 minutes.

River Walk

This trail begins a short distance from the main parking lot. It's a short walk down a river access road, which leads you directly to the Macal River. On the way down you have additional hiking options. Turn left at the junction and the trail winds along the Macal River and the backside of the Belize Botanic Gardens with more walking options, including the Hammock Bridge or turn in the other direction and you will reach the beach at the base of the lodge. The trail is almost 1 km long. 

Hiking Tours

Go a little further from Sweet Songs for more trails. This can be guided or unguided. 

Cohune Loops

Upper and lower Cohune Loops, located just outside the lodge grounds, are accessed from the entry road, and lead to a number of hiking options, including a loop which passes under several large stands of the Cohune Palms. This trail is 1.5 km. 

Valley View 

Continuing up the entry road brings you to the starting point for this uphill nature walk, leading to some unforgettable valley scenery. Take a deserved rest and enjoy this memorable view while sitting under a jungle palapa. This trail is 2 km. If you wish to continue, there is a nearby trail which takes you straight down to the valley floor. The uphill trail to this lookout spot makes for a good work-out for both walkers and joggers.


Continue on from the Cohune Loop trail and enjoy more of the Cayo countryside on foot. If you do the entire walk, 2.5 - 3 hours, you will arrive at the Mayan village of Succotz; Cross the Mopan River in a hand-cranked ferry and then trek onward and upward the last 1 km and you will have reached the Maya Archaeological site of Xunantunich. This trail is about 12 km long. The complete hike to Xunantunich is ideal for persons in good physical condition and makes for a memorable hiking adventure. You can also do this trip on Horseback. We can arrange for return transport back to the lodge on this one. This must be a guided hike.